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Rotary Clubs in Great Britain & Ireland
'Thanks for Life' Rotary Day, 23 Feb 2010

[There may be events during the week around that date,
depending on the plans by local Rotary Clubs] 

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Rotary has helped save lives in partnership with other International agencies like UNICEF, WHO and Bill Gates/Melinda Foundation. Rotary Day this year is to make you aware of the work that has been done so far. We need to conquer the 'Final Inch' in just four remaining countries to get rid of the dreaded Polio from the world.

The vaccine to stop it is there ... just two drops through the mouth for children under the age of five. Can you imagine - just 1 can help save five lives? Thanks to the Gates Foundation, each 1 donated to your Rotary Club is worth 2.78 which will pay for 5 children to be immunised ... more if gift aided.

This website will help you learn about Polio, how it can affect people, how it has been brought under control in many countries and the challenges facing health workers in some big countries like India.

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 A quick view - what is it all about?

A simple Slide show


Polio stories in Comics form

Is there a fact sheet I can print out?
(page 1, page 2)

Can I have a poster?
A4 size
A5 size, smaller

How many countries are affected? How has it improved over the years?

What is the big picture ... more suitable for adults, parents and teachers?
A 2.5 minutes video on YouTube:


Are there any films?
There is an Academy Award nominated superb Documentary called 'The Final Inch'. There are seven short trailers but don't miss the main trailer which is on the top right hand corner of that page... 2.5 minutes.

Full film (38 minutes) - to watch with family at home or at school with the teacher. You can see the largest non-military army in history fighting to win its final battle.

What to do next, if you want more information?

1. If you are a pupil from a school, please speak to your teacher who will know of a representative from your local Rotary Club. They can arrange to give you more information.

2. If you are a teacher coordinating the Rotary Day, and not sure as to whom to contact, please get in touch with one of the following - with details of your school name, address, postal code and tel number. A Rotarian from the nearest appropriate Club will get in touch with you.

a. Rotarian Guru Guruswamy of Rotary Club of Great Missenden

b. Rotarian Stephen Sypula of Rotary District 1260

Some fun ways to raise awareness and money:

1. Dress down to 'purple*' colour or wear something 'purple' ...  shirt, tie, cap, scarf or nail varnish etc. on the day and donate what you can.

2. School children can wear a purple band around the wrist.

3. Younger children can colour the nail of their small left finger purple.

4. Organise a quiz competition within the school with an entry fee of say just 1... a sample quiz sheet is available for which the answers are on this website. [Teachers can request a model answer sheet from]

* Reason for the 'purple' colour: It is the colour of the ink used to identify each child that has been given the Polio vaccine.

If you wish to donate ... remembering that just 1 can save lives of five children:

1. If you are a pupil from a school, please put your donation in your local Rotary Club collection box. Your teacher will be able to advise you.

2. Adults can donate directly, on line, via a 'Just Giving' account (Rotary Club of Great Missenden Trust Account). Tax payers will be able to GiftAid it as well, enhancing the value of your contribution.

For any comments or queries concerning this site, please contact:

1. Guru Guruswamy of Great Missenden Rotary Club, Dist 1260,
2. Rotarian Stephen Sypula of Rotary District 1260, International Chairman

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