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Messages at the inauguration of previous Presidents


President Gavin's Plews' message ...[2015-17]

Gavin Plews as the incoming  President of The Rotary of Great  Missenden and District, accepted his badge of office from the outgoing President George Rivas and briefly told the Club of his aims and aspirations for his coming year of office. As challenged by the Global Rotary International President Ravi Ravindran, Gavin is very keen to strengthen Rotary within the district by increasing membership of the Club and creating a Satellite Club within the area and has started work to establish interest and support within the Prestwood community.

Rotary Club of Great Missenden




President George Rivas' message ...[2014-15]

In his inaugural speech the incoming President of the Rotary Club of Great Missenden and surrounding areas reminded us that Rotary is the biggest Charity in the world and this means we can and do achieve great things worldwide and also locally.  

Great Missenden Rotary Club may not be obvious to local people but all the daffodils each spring on all the approach roads to the village were plantede courtesy of Rotary in Great Missenden. Then there is the Christmas Float and  the annual Rotary Shoe Box appeal.We give logistical help with the Annual 10k  Race in Prestwood, raising funds for the Chiltern MS Centre and frequently donate to other worthy causes.

We can only achieve this by having a happy team of members.  If you are a member reading this, then let me shake your hand to thank you for a job well done. Did it take up a great deal of your time?  No, because as you know, every event is well spaced out and planned in advance.  Have you enjoyed Rotary? The answer from all of you, will undoubtedly be a resounding Yes!!!  We certainly enjoy eating a friendly meal, followed by a speaker, most Mondays.

Remember, the meal is not compulsory, nor is attendance every Monday as it used to be. As your President for this year, I look forward to a great year, welcoming as members your friends, neighbours, local business or professional persons, and Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all!

Have a great Rotary Year,

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President Richard Waterfield's message ...[2013-14]

My main aim this year is to recruit more lady members.  I am quite sure four or five new members would be welcome, and then maybe they could offer us some new suggestions.  Do we really need to meet in the same place, at the same time, on the same day of every week?  Perhaps we should consider a new system with some meetings at weekends?  Do we always need a meal?  Our prospective members have always been encouraged to attend informally for several months before accepting full membership.  Why not let them tell us the changes they would prefer, or indeed need, to become Rotarians.  I am always mindful that Rotary is a voluntary organisation, and that family and work must always take precedence over the time we can spend together.  I therefore hope that our programme for the coming year will be sufficient to maintain our reputation within the Community without stressing our limited resources

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President Brian Barnett's message ...[2012-13]

You will be aware that I have been the Fundraising Chairman for approximately two years.This will still be my main focus and where I will be directing my time and energy whist being the Club’s President for the next year. Whilst I am president I am hoping that we can look to support more small local charities and less fortunate local families/people and  am also hoping that we may be able to recruit more local people to our Club. I think for a small club we do extremely well with our fund raising activities and in helping out with manpower at other local events. None of us are getting any younger and new blood is urgently required. Therefore in my presidential year I ask all members to help in any way possible to increase our membership."

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President Peter Westby's message ...[2011-12]

Although daunted by the responsibility of becoming President, Peter Westby looks forward to leading a Club with dedicated membershipand unmistakeable respect and loyalty for the Rotary Organisation and its objectives and hopes to capitalise on the trust and dedication that the international organisation represents.

In the coming year there is a challenge to be faced and Peter's theme will be:

Carry on, business as usual

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President Terry Cann's message ...[2009-11]

During his year as the President, Terry Cann is keen to support and maintain the established character and culture of the Club. He highlighted the need to balance our social and service aspirations with our available manpower. We can expect to have a very active and involving programme.

Recruitment of new members and establishment of a succession plan to meet our Club's needs for the next five years will be one of his priorities. 

Service and fellowship typifies our activities with a very wide range of interests.

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President John Skrimshire's message ...[2008-09]

John Skrimshire is the President of Great Missenden Rotary Club. He has lived in Great Missenden since 1966 and is a Consultant with a City Law Firm. He is a Governor of the Great Missenden Church of England School, Secretary of Abbeyfield Great Missenden and trustee of a number of charities. 

During his time as President, he has pledged he will support:
# The Rotary's Polio Plus campaign
School 4 All in Africa-in Uganda - a project supported by Rotary with Leonard Cheshire Disability for disabled children in Africa
The Pepper Foundation - a charity that raises money for nursing of terminally ill children at home.

The Rotary club meets every Monday at Missenden Abbey. For membership details, please contact him on 01494 862288

President John Coates's message ...[2007-08]

We are a small club, priding ourselves on our friendly atmosphere, ensuring that we enjoy ourselves while doing what we can to help others.

We have an impressive record of providing assistance, locally, nationally and internationally - not only by fund raising, but also by providing our time for ventures such as carrying out practice interviews to assist those about to leave school to find jobs.

In the last year, we have been heavily involved in raising funds for new play park facilities in Prestwood, and in the coming year we aim to do even more for the local community, without neglecting more far-reaching causes. 

As just one example, last year we sent over 2200 shoeboxes of Christmas gifts to Romania, and trust that we will at least match this again.

At the same time, we make certain that we have a rich and enjoyable social life. We welcome new members, both men and women, so please contact us if you feel you can help.




President Mike Rainford's message... [2006-07]

If you are new to Rotary, you will see how we can help you or you can help us in a range of activities - at local, national and international level. We aim to combine fellowship and fun with service to community. 

We have a strong-team in place to 'Lead the Way'. In the current Rotary year, there will be fresh efforts to get new members. Enjoy the fun and fellowship. We shouldn't take on too much. Projects for consideration include Rotary's national projects - Cancer related Charities and Wheel Chairs that cost just £50 each delivered.



President Steve Gill's message... [2005-06]

If you are new to Rotary, you will see how we can help you or you can help us in a range of activities - at local, national and international level. We aim to combine fellowship and fun with service to community. 

Our club will be forward-looking. We have a strong-team in place. Being small, we will work more closely with the neighbouring Clubs in Amersham and Chesham. This year marks our club's 21st birthday. We will do fewer projects but well. Projects for consideration include Rotary's national projects - 'Hearing dogs for the deaf', 'Prostate Cancer Charity' and Mercy Ships (a mobile hospital helping countries around the world).


President Gavin Plew's message ...[2004-05] 

If you are new to Rotary, you will see how we can help you or you can help us in a range of activities - at local, national and international level. We aim to combine fellowship and fun with service to community. 

Club members can focus on the theme for this year, the Centenary year, "Celebrate Rotary". 

President's Message to the Club
Alan Maizels [2003 -04]
  • Look for inspiration from the theme of RI President Jonathan Majiyagbe, which is ‘Lend a Hand’, motivated by his experience of poverty in his African homeland.  Keep this theme in mind when you are asked to help fill an Emergency Box, or to sell the idea of Shoeboxes to your neighbours.

  •   ‘Lend a Hand’ in our club by strengthening and diversifying its membership.  We need to encourage friends and acquaintances to come here as visitors to see how we operate - personal introductions are the best way forward.  However, potential members will be discouraged from joining if they perceive that we have old-fashioned attitudes or this is a male-oriented club.  Anyone, man or woman, who espouses our values and is willing to get involved in our activities should be enthusiastically encouraged to join us.

  •   We already ‘Lend a Hand’ in our community with our extensive community, vocational and youth activities. In keeping with my goal of spending more of our charity income on UK and local causes, I would welcome any new initiative which helps to fulfil this particular goal of the RI President.

  •    We will aim to achieve the Presidential Citation this year by fulfilling specific achievements in the ‘Family of Rotary’ plus the ‘Four Avenues of Service’.

  •          Philosophy for this year is to build on the achievements of previous years by judicious tweaks, rather than wholesale major changes.  For example, instead of having a Speaker Finder, each member will be responsible for organising one Monday meeting, with Alan Jones acting as coordinator.

  •      Special fund-raising activities will include the ‘That’s Entertainment’ dinner in October in aid of my chosen charity The Alzheimer’s Society, and an Antiques Roadshow in the spring.  You are urged to support both of these functions, and others which are regular favourites, by bringing friends, relations and colleagues.

  •      The cooperation between the Amersham and Chesham clubs will be enhanced: one new joint activity will be to hold three separate scatter evenings, when each club in turn will visit the other two clubs.

  •    I look forward to my year as your president and know that with your support we will achieve a great deal and have a lot of fun doing it.  .



Rotary Theme for 2003-04 ...


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