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                  News Archive 8 - from 2 Mar 2007 till 20 May 2007 - 
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The Club was well represented at the District Conference in Torquay. Click here for more pictures. [May 2007].

There has been an alarming decline in the bee population in the USA - with possibly serious consequences for agriculture, according to Peter Smith. 

Peter is well known to many of the Club members as he used to be a member of Great Missenden Rotary. He is also a popular figure in the bee-keeping world. 

In his talk, he covered the killer bees in the USA. Apparently, almond trees in California are heavily dependent on the cross pollination by bees, requiring about two bee hives per acre. Peter also mentioned about his dialogue with the Agricultural Ministry in the UK about the problems in this country.

[14 May 2007]

Dogs can smell cancer - according to a research team based in Amersham Hospital. The team have conducted controlled tests to prove it and are the first team in the world to establish it. Dermatologist Carolyn Willis (right) and dog trainer Claire Guest (left) gave an interesting account of the history and background to their Research. Tangle, the dog, gave a demonstration of its sniffing abilities. Apparently dogs are one million times more sensitive than humans in smelling. Experiments were made to smell cancer of bladder through urine samples. 

They need more funds for research. John Coates, the senior vice-president of the Rotary Club of Great Missenden, aims to donate part of the funds raised through this year's Xmas float. The meeting was attended by Rotarians from the neighbouring Amersham and Aylesbury Clubs. [1 May 2007]

The Ladies Indulgence Evening held on 22 Mar 07 raised enough funds to pay for six wheelchairs to be delivered to a country in Africa. Many thanks to the generosity of all those who delivered the 'indulgence' and to those who showed an healthy appetite for it.

Photo on the Left: Anne McDowell on the bed having a touch of Reflexology
On the right: Tania McCulloch, an accomplished manicurist attending to a customer. Tania is an employee of McD Marketing and has helped our club in designing the Race Night brochure and the Auction List for the recent Big Event. [1 May 2007]


Friends and family bid farewell to the GSE Team from our District as they left for Argentina on the morning of Sunday 29 Apr 07. District officers Gary Eastman, Les Lee and Janet Lee joined in on the occasion. Click here for other photos. 

The team members: L to R:Liz Genever, Su Bartlett, Gavin Plews (Team Leader from Great Missenden Rotary Club), Sheila Chauhan and Kirsty Crombie-Smith.

[29 Apr 07]



Gavin Plews, a member of Rotary Club of Great Missenden, is leading a Group Study Exchange Team to Argentina . The Club held a farewell party for the team and it was attended by the District Governor Charles Chaney and members of other Rotary Clubs in the District as well as some of the family and friends of the Team members. Each of the team members did a presentation, partly in Spanish, outlining their background, where they come from, their profession, hobbies and interests and what they expect to gain out of their visit. 

On the photo above, L to R: Kirsty Crombie-Smith, Sheila Chauhan, Gavin Plews (Team Leader), Su Bartlett and Liz Genever.

The Exchange Team from Argentina (District 4790) are expected to arrive in the UK on 8 May 2007. Their details are on their website [23 Apr 07]

Anne Scott, a Rotarian from a neighboring club Misbourne Matins, gave an interesting insight into chocolates.

She illustrated her talk with samples. Members felt quite happy listening to the positive effect on health - such as lowering of cholesterol level, combating certain cancer and reduction in stress levels. May be they would have had more 'feel good factor' as well had there been more samples of the finished product!

Anne runs a Chocolate Shop in Gerrards Cross. She quoted some unusual special requests from customers - chocolate shaped like a battleship at the time of Nelson's anniversary celebrations.

[16 Apr 2007]

Russell Abel (right on both the pictures), a Rotary Scholar from our District, gave a superb account of his experience as a Rotary Scholar. It included his stint at the UN Security Council, G8 meetings, encounter with Putin and 'James Bond'. Russell not only excelled academically in an Australian University in International politics, but also he was voted as the best sportsman. He also organised events to raise awareness and raise money for the disadvantaged. After listening to him, one can no longer doubt the value and usefulness of the work of Rotary Foundation's Scholarship awards.

Photos: On the Left: President Mike Rainford with Russell Abel.
On the Right: Honorary Rotarian Paul Glover with Russell Abel. Paul was himself one of the earliest Rotary Scholars.[19 Mar 2007]

The organisers of the Play in Prestwood (PiP) were presented with a cheque following various fund raising events held. Total contribution exceeds 7,000. The organisers are seen here with President Mike Rainford and his wife Pat Rainford (second from right). PiP's leader is Claire Moore, far right. [19 Apr 2007]

Richard Morris, the ex-headmaster of the Mvumi School in Africa, gave a passionate insight into the situation in Africa. In 1995 he left New Zealand to take up the challenge to open a school in Mvumi, Tanzania. A project concerning sanitation/toilet facility was completed with seed money from Great Missenden Rotary Club - and through them other Rotary Clubs and matching grants from Rotary Foundation. The value of the project was $38,313. He thanked the club members for their help. Further details available from the club member Gavin Plews. [12 Mar 2007]