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Xmas story Competition Winners

Stan Pretty, MBE, was the story teller at the Prize Giving Ceremony of the 2006 Xmas Story Competition. A number of local schools took part and there were three/four winners in four different categories. Stan brought the winners' stories to life by reading them out in his inimitable style - and all present immensely enjoyed them. 

Apart from Stan Pretty and the winners, the photos show from top left to bottom: Phil Roberts (Amersham Rotary) and  Mike Rainford (Great Missenden Rotary), George Rivas - the key organiser, and Charles Chaney (Rotary District Governor). The event was organised jointly by three Rotary Clubs in the area - Amersham, Chesham and Great Missenden. Thanks go to all the schools, teachers, judges and all the children for their wonderful stories. [1 Mar 2007]

Note: higher resolution pictures are available from

Why not get all the Ladies and their friends to an Indulgence Evening at Ballinger Village Hall on
Thursday 22 Mar 2007,  7-10 pm. 

Click here for details.

Wendy Wallis (left) and Lynne Ward - two Magistrates from Oxford, explained the 'ins and outs' of the Magistrates System in England.

There are about 28,500 magistrates, in the 18-70 age group. 

More information can be found at the Magistrates Association website.
[26 Feb 2007]

The Race Night at Prestwood Village Hall held on 24 Feb 2007 was a grand success. There were a large number of punters who were happy to enjoy the evening and at the same time helped raise nearly 1,400 towards Play in Prestwood and Rotary Charities. The event was organised jointly by Rotary Club of Great Missenden and Play in Prestwood Committee. [Feb 2007]

Image Preview

Why not sponsor and name your horse for just 2.
The Race Night will be at Prestwood Village Hall on Sat 24 Feb 2007. 

For details, please contact: Guru Guruswamy 01494 728812

Water for Kpandi, Ghana... Rotary Club of Great Missenden contributed 800 towards a Water Distribution project. The project was commissioned on 16 Jan 2007. Thanks to our contact, Rotarian John Braimah, for a pictorial story of its inauguration. Click here for the full pictures. [10 Feb 2007]

The Club members bid farewell to Founder member Ian Bampton and his wife Julia (first picture on the left). They are moving to a new home in Kent so that they can be closer to their home in France. They will be sadly missed and the Club members paid tribute in a form of 'This is your Life'. Click here to see it. In the last picture on the right, President Mike Rainford is presenting flowers to Julia. Ian will be joining a Rotary Club in his new area. [5 Feb 2007]

Elaine and Trevor Ball from Thomas Ball charity were given a cheque for some 800 towards their Thomas Ball Charity. The Club raised the money through the Xmas Float for their Children's Cancer Fund.

It is a local Charity. Llast year over 50 families have benefited from "Tom's Retreat" - a Chalet in New Milton, Hants. Thomas Ball has been featured as a local hero in a book on 'Heroes of Bucks' which includes Florence Nightingale. Books can be purchased via the Charity's website, News & Events section, [5 Feb 2007]

Rotary Club of Great Missenden  have helped Ian Rennie Hospice at Home to reach / exceed their target of 200,000 following cuts in the local PCT (Primary Care Trust) contribution. President Mike Rainford (right) hands in a cheque for some 800 to the Hospice's Appeals Director, Robert Breakwell. Funds were raised using the Club's Xmas Float.

Robert gave an interesting account of the history and operations of the Hospice. 

It was founded in 1985 by Ian Rennie of Chesham Bois. He wanted to be cared for at home before he died, and his wife Moira was a nurse. Now, the Hospice deals with about 800 cases per year, covering a population of 750,000. More info on their website. [29 Jan 2007]

Andoni Ugalde, a Venezuelan friend of Rotarian Guru Guruswamy visits the Club.  
[22 Jan 2007]
John Knight, a farmer and a regular visitor to the Club was inducted as a Rotarian at the Club meeting on Monday 8 Feb 2007. He was introduced to the Club by President Mike Rainford.

George Cobby gave an amusing account of 'The man who was Figaro'. He traced the history of Beaumarchais (1732-1799).

Pierre Beumarch was a French dramatist, inventor, watch-maker to the king, an agent of secret service and producer of two comedies - Barber of Seville and The Marriage of Figaro. At one stage, he was charged with treason but he was released by the intervention of his mistress!

For biographical information on Beaumarchais, click here. [15 Jan 2007]

Thanks to the Management at Tesco in Amersham... and to the generous customers...the Club members were able to make the Christmas Charity Collection on Sat 16 Dec 06 in front of the Store. About 1,700 were raised for various Rotary and other Charities. 

In the picture are Rotarian George Rivas as Santa, ably assisted by Rotarian John Dyett. [Dec 06]

Santa ... Click here for Xmas Float Routes, Photos & raised

Rotarian Alan Jones gave an amusing talk on 'A Life in Quotations'. He covered the quotations he encounterd in various stages of his life from his childhood days, such as "Life is a mirror - smile at her". He has kindly agreed to publish on this website the notes he used. Other club members joined in with anecdotes from their own experiences. [27 Nov 2006]

Not suprisingly, Rotarian Peter Hook announced that he would be leaving the Club to join Rotary Club of Thame. Peter's job and related house move has necessitated the change. We will continue to maintain contact with him and may be plan scatter night visits etc. The club members wished him well.
 [27 Nov 2006]


Les Lee enthused everyone in the club with his talk on the role of a Marshall at Motor Racing. He also shared his personal experiences with some hair-raising video clips and commentaries.

Les is a member of Chesham Rotary Club and he is due to be the District Governor for the year 2008-09. [20 Nov 2006]

On the 'Children in Need' appeal day on 17 Nov, several Club members helped in the collection at Heathrow Airport Terminal 1. It was organised by Misbourne Matins Rotary Club. About 1,000 were raised, with some publicity in the press as well as a mention by Terry Wogan. Seen here are Howard Sledmere, Beth and Guru Guruswamy. [17 Nov 2006]

About 1.4 bn people do not have access to supply of safe water, and 80% of the sickness in the world is due to water and sanitation problems - according to Stephen Oxtoby, a speaker from Water Aid. Just 15 would ensure life-time supply of water, sanitation and hygiene education for a person, and 180 would supply a well pump in Bangladesh. 
The audience on the day included visitors from other Rotary Clubs - Amersham, Chesham, Flitwick Vale and Chiltern Interim Club [13 Nov 2006]

More info on Water Aid at:

The District Governor Charles Chaney (right) is seen here with President Mike Rainford. In his address, Charles highlighted the Rotary priorities and urged members to act. At a personal level, he is embarking on a sponsored 'weight loss' to raise money for McMillan Cancer Relief. [30 Oct 06]

Some of the Club members, and their partners and friends visited Bletchley Park, famous for its code-breaking activities during the Second World War. The visit was organised by the club President Mike Rainford. It was then followed by lunch at Jaipur Indian Restaurant in Central Milton Keynes. Click here for pictures or for more information on Bletchley Park. [28 Oct 06]  

Nuria George gave a lively demonstration of Alexander Technique (AT), using her husband Peter George as the 'pupil'. She highlighted the principles of the technique which involves educating the body and mind. Learning AT involves changing long-standing habits and relies on active participation. Many people can benefit from it. Nuria George can be contacted by phone: 01628 521958 or Mobile: 0798 550 7287 or by e-mail: [23 Oct 06]

Margaret Dyke from Traidcraft explained how probably 5m people benefit from Fair Trade products. In introducing the speaker, Rotarian John Faircloth reminded the members about the key elements of Rotary's own Four Way Test - such as - Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?" [9 Oct 2006]

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