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                  News Archive 4 - from 21 Nov 05 to 4 Mar 06
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Several club members helped in the annual collection for Scannappeal at High Wycombe. The focus this year was for a keyhole surgery unit to be based at Wycombe. Rotarian Guruswamy and his wife Josefina are seen here dressed in Surgeon's outfit to draw public's attention. Others that took part included Paul McDowell, Mike Rainford and Alan Maizels. [4 Mar 2006]

More info on Scannappeal at their website:

Frozen in '57 - Founder member of the Rotary Club and Senior vice-president, Mike Rainford, entertained everyone with his musical talents which started as a member of a "Skiffle" Group. Apparently it was all the rage in 1957 from the days of Lonnie Donegan. The club members joined in some of Mike's singing. [30 Jan 2006]

Click here to see copies of letters of thanks from the following charities that we have recently supported:

Thomas Ball Childrens Cancer Fund
Age Concern
Mercy Ships

Bill Price gave an interesting account of his participation in the first ever inter-continental rally - London to Sydney marathon in a Mini. The Daily Express race was held in 1968, and Bill was providing technical back-up to the BMC cars in the 10,000 mile journey. His background included apprenticeship at BMC and training as a Tank mechanic. 

More info on the rally at: 

There were 11 visitors from Aylesbury Rotary Club at the meeting. [23 Jan 2006]

Rev John Simpson (left), the vicar at Little Missenden Church, outlined his background and his career path. He was born in Germany, left for England when he was three and a half, grew up in Kent and Devon, and studied Economics & Management in Cardiff before turning to Theology. He chose priesthood as he wanted to share and do something for fellow human beings rather than self-gratification. In a way, this reflects Rotary's own theme of 'Service above Self'. He was based at Sloane Street/Chelsea area before arriving in Little Missenden. His serious talk was peppered with light-hearted anecdotes. He is seen here with our club member, Rotarian David Mitchell. [16 Jan 2006] 

Scanappeal: Fruits of the Club's 2,000 contribution to a "Beat the Clot" scanner appeal were realised recently. The club's immediate past-president Gavin Plews attended the official inauguration of the scanner at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.  It is a 125,000 'vascular scanner' to monitor blood flow. With remote functionality, up to 3,000 scans can be made per month compared to just 600 from a more expensive CT scanner! Gavin is seen here pointing to a golden brick which acknowledges the Club's contribution. The Club raised the money via a concert 'Songs from the Heart' in Feb 2005. [16 Jan 06]

Thanks to Tesco's Management and their generous customers - the Club's Xmas collection amounted to 3,527. Charities to benefit include McMillan Nurses, Age Concern and local/Rotary charities. [28 Dec 05]

Xmas Float for 2005 got off to a good start with a static collection at Hazlemere Parade. Collections on the day were 512 versus 476 in 2004. Rotarian Barry Taylor was Father Xmas, charming the public. Click here for details of dates / routes and money raised.

There was a very good coverage of the Club's planned routes in the Bucks Examiner on 1 Dec 05 (page 15). For more details of the float routes and pictures, click here. Money raised will help two main causes - Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, and Mercy Ships which run a mobile hospital.[3 Dec 05]

Update at the end of Dec 05: Thanks to the generosity of the local people... total money raised with the Xmas float reached 3,803 (up by 50 on last year). [28 Dec 05]

Rotarian Alan Maizels gave a masterclass on tracing family history. He has tracked meticulously 200 years of his family history with origins in Poland. He has learnt to interpret Polish records of births and marriages, and suggests that anyone interested in family history should speak to as many of the older relatives as possible to gain snippets. In recent times, the internet has become a more useful resource. Click here for his tips on useful websites. [28 Nov 05]

Double accolade for Great Missenden Rotary Club's contribution to Rotary Foundation which is Rotary's own charity. For the year 2004-05, the club was number one in the District for both the total and per capita contribution. The District Governor said that our contribution to the Foundation is 'legendary'. Rotary Foundation helps humanitarian causes worldwide (including Polio eradication programme) and supports scholarships and Group Study Exchanges to promote international understanding, peace and goodwill. [Nov 2005]

For one week, Great Missenden Rotary Club was able to publicise its activities on an impressive window display at Great Missenden Library. [Nov 2005]

Great Missenden Rotary Club honours a Rotarian from Tamale Rotary Club (Africa). Rotarian Isaaka Goodman is awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship for his valuable work in getting a sheanut crusher for the local people. The crusher was funded by Great Missenden Rotary via a Rotary Foundation Matching  Grant scheme. For details of the sheanut crusher project, click here.

For his thank you letter and other photos, click here. He thanks Great Missenden members "for giving him the recognition in his 25 years in Rotary". [24 Nov 05]