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Saturday 26th February - and all the while the rain it was a raining. What's a little rain to a Great Missenden Rotarian? Undeterred we set out in force for the Table Top Sale in the Damien Hall, The Catholic Church, Great Missenden and at the end of 3 hours had raised the princely profit of approx. £350. Well done Rotarians and thanks to all who supported in one way or another.

26th February 2011








Following Peter Organ's talk in the Summer of 2010 and the Club's 

decision to support the Clean Water Project for Schools of the 

Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya, Thailand, we have now had 

confirmation that our donation of £500 has been increased by a DSG 

and consequently an increased sum has been forwarded to the Thai 

Club to cover the entire installation. Watch this space for progress 


As a reminder, Peter Organ is an Honorary Rotarian from the RC of Jomtien-Pattaya. During his presentation he outlined his Club’s efforts to provide safe drinking water for Thai children and showed slides of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ conditions in schools.



The Club has also donated £500 towards Shelterboxes



Following Steve Brehm's update in 2010 

of ROPE [Relief for Oppressed people Everywhere] aims and objectives with 

examples of the way in which they help communities around the world, the Club decided to donate £750 to the organisation 

for the construction of a well in India. In 

time we will have photos of this project so watch this space.

                                                  January 2011


Our speaker, Paul Sheppard, introduced us to Traidcraft telling us that it was founded 30 years ago as a response to the scandal of world poverty.

From its first transactions with craftspeople in a handful of villages, Traidcraft now deals with over a hunded producer groups in thirty different countries, bringing hope and opportunity where little existed before.

An example of this is in the village of Kapasule, Malawi, women and chldren had to carry watter in containers for 1.5 kms from the nearest village with clean water. Now, they have their own borehole and pump supplying them with clean, safe water, thanks to the fair trade premium Traidcraft pays for the sugar it buys from the local farmers.

Traidcraft has selected areas which are 

relevant to the countries in which it works as

 being the areas where greatest impact can 

be achieved. There are significant needs in 

each one and they feel they have the 

experience and expertise to offer in tackling 

those needs. The areas are tea,  cotton and 

craft producers, business development 

services, fair-trade and influencing and 


What can you do? Spread the word, buy traidcraft-branded products from a charity 

stall, mail order catalogue or from the 

independent fair trade retailer in your locality, look for the fairtrade label in supermarkets.



Surprise, surprise. It has been discovered that when children hear the words 'Once upon a time' a specific section of their brain is stimulated into exciting expectation and so being read to is a vital part of their development. Whilst none of our prize winners used these words, their stories were a delight to listen to, enhanced by the magic of Nick Gallant's enthusiasm and interpretation. Equally magical were the expressions on the children's faces as they heard the talented Nick Gallant bring their stories  to life. 

The competition is organised annually by the Rotary Clubs of Amersham, Chesham and Great Missenden and the three Presidents joined us at the Damien Hall to present the prizes. 

Our Assistant District Governor, Jenny Muir, was also able to join us on this occasion.

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