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                  News Archive 20,  from 30 Sept. 2010 to 31st Dec. 2010  
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 To the Rotary Club of Great Missenden £100 was a small donation but it enabled these children to celebrate christmas in style with food and presents from Santa which they might not otherwise have had. This is what it is all about..  


'See the Child'. This is the name given to the Group so that people can see the child behind the disability. The party was seen as an invaluable opportunity for families to get together and share experiences,  knowledge and to just enjoy themselves.


Rotary Club of Great Missenden enjoy their Christmas Dinner at Ellesborough Golf Club


Master at Arms Steve 

Gill whilst full of the 

Christmas Spirit 

doesn't let it interfere 

with his 'collecting'


Surely not 

John Skrimshire with a 

cup of coffee - 

Whatever next!



A night with the 


The Bullocks and 

Tylers enjoy a camera 


A table of comedians? The joke seems to be with Roger Young

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

 Only joking said Brian Barnett and Martin Bolton when they did a grand job slipping and sliding around the float before its first outing.

However their wish came thrue especially at the Tesco collection on the Saturday of Christmas week.

click here to see Santas, snow, routes etc

The Shoebox Scheme

The Rotary Shoebox Scheme is completely independent of any other scheme and is completely administered and run by the Rotary Trustees.
During the first week in December with the help and support of Rtn Paul McDowell, The Rotary Club of Great Missenden prepared  approximately 1,300 shoeboxes to join gifts sent out throughout the year to many different countries in Central  and Eastern Europe. Toys are especially useful all year round for Birthday presents in the Orphanages, Homes and Hospitals. All age groups, including teenagers, have welcomed the boxes. In addition to Romania, Shoebox gifts have been delivered to Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia and Kosovo. We are grateful to George and Gill Rivas for all their help and support in managing our shoebox effort. 

Rotary Club of Great Missenden shoeboxes being loaded.

In the picture is Mark Dillon and the driver is Steve Waterhouse from International Aid


    Children receiving gifts in 2010

History in the making!

As we all know Great Missenden is a busy commuter station on the former Metropolitan & Great Central Joint Line. The only service from this station now is supplied by Chiltern Railways.  The underground service terminates at Amersham.

During October workmen were loosening the old signal box from its 100 year old foundations and dismantling the frame, making the structure ready to  move. The bottom half of the box was found to be very rotten and was dismantled on site, but the levers and frame were saved for reinstallation at a later date. The box has been purchased by the Mid Hants Railway for re-use at Medstead & Four Marks as an interactive educational tool for the railway.

Eagle eyed Rtn George Rivas snapped the old Great Missenden signal box after a crane had lifted it on to a low loader during the early hours of 24th October ready for its journey to Four Marks for restoration.



The station is used in television or    film from time to time, as its typical South-East English decor and easily removable name signs mean it can     be adapted without too much  difficulty. 

An advert for the BBC's  ‘Great   Briton’s TV programme showed Mo Mowlem standing beneath the name sign asking "Why is Great Missenden Great?"

Heathrow Terminal 5 Children in Need Collection

On 19th November 2010 the Rotary Club of Great Missenden joined more than 100 volunteers from Misbourne Matins and twelve other Rotary Clubs to collect at Terminal 5 Heathrow on behalf of the BBC Children in Need Appeal. From 6am throughout the day  both the airside and landside of the Terminal. were covered. Last year  £13,000 was collected and it is hoped to come close to this amount again this year.

Pudsey meets Vice President Peter Westby


Our Secretary, Mike 

Rainford, his wife Pat and Rotarians from other Clubs

Rotary Youth Exchange - The Experience of a Lifetime!  

Rotarians from other Clubs within the 1260 District together with the Headmaster and teaching representatives of the Misbourne School were invited to the meeting at which Ken Scott explained and discussed the Rotary Youth Exchange Programme and its objective

Each year, about 8,000 young people participate in Rotary's Youth Exchange program and  as unofficial ambassadors for Rotary bring the world closer together while making lifelong friends.

Rotary has both long-term and short-term exchange programs.The first is for the full academic year, while the short-term program is approximately two weeks and is a reciprocal, Family-to-Family exchange. To be eligible for a Rotary exchange, students must meet the following requirements:

be between 16 and 22 years old at the time of departure  
be above average academic achievement
be outgoing and adventuresome
be flexible and open to living in a different culture

Students for either exchange are selected by a sponsoring Rotary Club on the basis of a written application and personal interview. Students, parents, and schools should contact their local Rotary Club for assistance with the application process.





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