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                  News Archive 19 - from  1st June to 11th Oct 2010   
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Visit of District Governor Amanda Watkins


President Terry Cann welcomed Amanda to the meeting on Monday 11th October for a questions and answer session which was received by all present. Wives and Hon. Members had been invited to this meeting and visitors from other Clubs were also welcomed.Amanda outlined her hopes for the coming year and explained that her focus would be on recruitment and participation on a larger scale within the Rotary family. She emphasised, however, that this didn't mean Clubs should over-stretch themselves as this could have an adverse affect on the whole project. [Oct 10]

Building the 2012 Olympics - with Ray Payne

When Rtn John Fairclough introduced Ray Payne to the Club he sang his praises and when told that his  past projects had included the Sydney Opera House and the Centre Pompidou in Paris the intake of breath from the meeting could be felt. 

Ray belongs to  the Chesham Club and, as our speaker,  gave a mind blowing presentation on his work as head of construction strategy and logistics of the Olympic Park. He said his personal remit was being responsible for making the site work and emphasised that his team of 9,000 had made it possible to achieve; the transformation of a largely derelict huge site, intersected by rivers and railway lines, into an Olympic village and 11 venues with top sporting facilities. He was obviously delighted to announce that his part of the project had come in ahead of time and under budget.

He appeared very amused that he must have been doing something right as he had an unexpected telephone call inviting him to be, what turned out, one of the key players on the Olympic project, firstly as head of procurement.

Welcome to Hon. Member Patsy Booth

At this meeting on 27th September, the opportunity was also taken to welcome Patsy Booth (The widow of the late Peter Booth) as an Hon. Member and present her badge.

Winifred Mitchell (Widow of David Mitchell) and Norika Dyett (widow of John Dyett) have also recently been invited to become Hon. Members.

It was obvious that Ray relished challenges, which was fortunate as the challenges on the London site included having to dig out land contaminated by arsenic, cadmium and unexploded ordnance, the unwelcome legacies of Victorian industry and bombsite rubble. 

Then there was flooding, some of it tidal but as in all walks of life,  experience counted together with knowing that you had very competent people on the job.

One of his regrets is that the waterways were not used to capacity but he fully understood the reluctance of the contractors although he felt that three options made a difference and London 2012 the only project in the country to use road, water and rail to move goods onto site.  

The Olympic Park infrastructure included 28 new bridges and 18km (11 miles) of highway in an area within a 13km boundary (more than eight miles). At a total cost of £9.3 billion, the development has proved a point. He had set out to demonstrate that huge projects could be built on time and to budget this had been achieved, consequently he was nearing his journey’s end . Click here for Olympics 2012 website.

With me little bit of Scarborough Rock

Along the promenade I walk. 

Having heard Rotarian Alan Maizels report on his recki of Scarborough and its hotels, President Terry Cann can't wait to get there next June to replace the rock - never mind the Conference!


Induction of Rotarian Brian Barnett as Junior Vice President 2010/2011



Induction of Rotarian Roger Young Sept. 2010

Route 66 


On Monday 13th September 2010 we relived our speaker Steve Parson and  his son Laurence’s  holiday of a lifetime from their purchase of a Ford Mustang in the USA in 2007 to the end of their drive along Route 66, or as John Steinbeck called it in The Grapes of Wrath, “The Mother Road”. Running between Chicago and Los Angeles this legendary old road passes through the heart of the United States on a 2,400-mile diagonal trip that takes in some of the country's most archetypal roadside scenes. Today, 85 percent remains drivable. Although there have been casualties with the passage of time, Ted Drewes Frozen Custard stand is still serving up cones in St. Louis (vouched for by our likely lads); Stanton,  Missouri's Meramec Caverns still gives tours; and a night can be spent in a 30 by 16 foot concrete wigwam at the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, Arizona. From late 1950 Route 66 was bypassed by high-speed Interstate highways until finally decommissioned and made a historic route in 1984. During the Depression many farm families made their way west along Route 66 to California and after World War II a similar exodus took place but this time expressing their upward mobility going for  improved careers/jobs in California so Route 66 became the route from the dust to sun bowl. Although ‘super highways’ have been built upon many stretches of the two-lane Route 66 and there is no alternative but to use these, there is still excitement, romance and inspiration following the Route resulting in songs like Bobby Troup’s ‘Get You’re Kicks on Route 66’ which was sung by Nat King Cole and the Rolling Stones and the 1960's TV series 1960’s TV series ‘Route 66’ and Pixar’s animated film Cars. 

Here we are again!

3rd September 2010. 

<<==Rotarians and friends wait in eager anticipation

A mind blowing experience. Just up Rotarians' sleeves.

Rotarians joined Ian Keable for his one man show combining sleight of hand with sleight of mind. Hilariously funny one moment with his dry wit and audience participation, and completely baffling the next. He  entertained us with his wit, repartee and good natured interaction with the audience, and with his sleight of hand magic and mind reading Skills.

Another opportunity for renewing old and some new friendships.

<<== and for my next trick


26th August 2010

Joint meeting with Chesham at Chartridge Golf Club at  7:30 pm

Chennai GSE Team's Presentation.


Chartridge Golf Club


Continental Flavour

Annual Boules Competition at Missenden Abbey on 19th July 2010


the winner is ...
Roger Young

Larder Trophy

At the 'drop of a hat' or 'swing of a club' Rotarians love to have fun and socialise. The Larder Trophy held on 8th July 2010 at Weston Turville Golf Club was a good excuse and golfers and none golfers  joined for pre drinks and a celebratory dinner


Margaret Larder  (second from left) presented the Trophy and prizes to the winners. If you weren't there you missed a great evening - and the golf was good too!


8th July 2010    

Larder Trophy at Weston Turville Golf Club on 8 July 2010 ... Rotarians and non-Rotarians welcome to take part. Non-golfers can join in for dinner. Click here for details.

Contact Rotarian Ed Whymark for further information. Tel: 01494 866276 or e-mail


Steve Brehm of ROPE [Relief for Oppressed people Everywhere] gave an update on their organisation's aims and objectives with examples of the way in which they help communities around the world. All of the public's contribution goes to help people at the end point as administration costs are covered by a different charity, 'Friends of Rope'.

Some of the members remember a couple of speakers we have had from Rope over the years and recall contributing to a water distribution project in Ghana. The person dealing with it in Ghana was a Rotarian who was also a Rope Holder. [28 June 2010]

Good News... Rotary Club of Bombay with whom we have been associated with in supplying of copies of 'Dictionaries For Life' have won five awards, including 'Special Innovation in Literary Award' which is the highest award conferred by Rotary International.  Other awards include: Four Avenues of Literacy Service Recognition, The Vocational Character Literacy Award, The Zone Literacy Award and The Area Literacy Award.

We have sent them messages of congratulations noting that we only played a very small part in their overall project of 'Bhavishya Yaan - A mission for a brighter future'. Click here to see background to our project with them. [June 2010]

President's Night on 28 May 2010: Members of Great Missenden Rotary and their guests enjoyed an evening's entertainment by The Keep Clear Jazz Band, a comedian (in addition to our own Brian Barnett) and a fun Table quiz ... all centred around the theme of 'A hint of the 20's'.

There was an international flavour ... with visitors from Argentina, S Africa and Australia. Photo on the right: President Terry Cann and his wife Barbara, courtesy of Rtn. Eduardo Molino of Argentina.

Proceeds to MS Centre in Wendover & other Rotary supported Charities. [28 May 2010]

Peter Organ, an Honorary Rotarian from a club in Thailand, outlined his club's efforts to provide safe drinking water for Thai Children.

He is from the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya. Many of the club members are ex-pats. He showed slides of the 'before' and 'after' conditions in schools. They are looking for financial support as average cost per installation is £1,000. Only £2.50 will cover one pupil's ten years of schooling. Contact Chris Gibbins, overseas fund coordinator.

[24 May 2010]

Rotary District Conference in Bath 21-23 May 2010: Several members and their wives attended the District Conference. They had a great time, and the organiser Rtn Alan Jones deserves all the credit for laying on excellent sunshine as well. Click here for some more photos. [23 May 2010]