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It is with deep regret that we record the demise of Rotarian Peter Booth on 21 May 2010. He was a founder member of the Great Missenden Rotary Club since 1984 and President of the Club during its second year. We will sadly miss him and all his accent on balancing Rotary's ideals of service with fun and fellowship.

Our heartfelt condolences go to all his family members, particularly Patsy. Click here for some more photos from our archives.

Members of Great Missenden Rotary Club had the pleasure of listening to a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar, Michael Baxter. 

He is from the USA. After graduation in Chemistry and Spanish from the US Naval Academy, he is doing an MSc in Public Health in London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

His background is remarkable - be it community service or professional activities or sporting interests.

[17 May 2010]

On a windy day at the 'Spirit of Prestwood Fete' on 3 May 2010, Rotary Club of Great Missenden promoted two main themes - 'Stroke Awareness' and Shelterbox. 

Free Blood pressure checks were made on 26 volunteers, and nearly ten of them were referred to their GPs. Rotarian Dr Alan Morris did the checks, assisted by Pat Rainford. It was felt that the idea was extremely worthwhile.

A shelterbox was on display (see picture below) with a fun quiz and free prizes to promote awareness. Altogether, seven prizes were donated by Rotarians John Skrimshire, John Faircloth and Guru Guruswamy. Click here for a copy of the quiz with answers.[3 May 2010] 

Rotarian Peter Westby gave an interesting talk on his visit to China covering a wide range of aspects - the Yangtse Dam, the Great Wall, some of the major cities, and glimpses of ordinary people going about their daily activities. [26 Apr 2010] 

David Unwin, a Rotarian from Chesham Rotary Club, entertained the club members with several amusing anecdotes linked to his veterinary profession. 

These included arrangements made in Oman for the Royal family to get fresh cow's milk for their tea, efforts to ship cows from the UK, and dealing with the locally available feedstock there. 

One learnt about cows having a milking body clock! [19 Apr 2010]

Members of Great Missenden Rotary are saddened to hear the demise of Honorary Rotarian Howard Sledmere on 28 Mar 2010. Our condolences go to Beth and his family.

We will miss his wit and charm the collage above (clockwise from top left): Howard is being interviewed by a Canadian TV crew at Henley Regatta with Peter Booth in his striped jacket; Howard ... one always learnt a great deal from him about the odd plant you stumble by; Howard with friends in the Stewards enclosure at the Regatta; Howard with Guru at Heathrow collecting for the BBC Children in Need Appeal...he was never short of an opening line to chat to total strangers; Howard with Beth and Guru, again at Heathrow on a different year. [10 Apr 2010]

President's Night ...Fri 28 May ...Hint of 20's Music & Dance

Why not join us for a 'Hint of 20's Music and Dance' on Fri 28 May, at the Ballinger Village Hall, 7:30 for 8 pm?

The Keep Clear Jazz Band will be performing. There will be a fun Table quiz. Tickets cost 15 each, incl. cold supper. Licensed Bar. Click here for further information and contact details for tickets. 

Proceeds to MS Centre in Wendover & other Rotary supported Charities.

Chris Webbly got every member of Rotary Club of Great Missenden involved in a highly interactive exercise on 'Creative Thinking'. 

He shared his experience from the corporate world. One amusing challenge he posed was to make a hole on an A4 sheet of paper so that  a person can go through it!

There should be situations in which we could use some of the techniques he suggested... such as What If...or the PMI...Plus, Minus and Interesting aspects.

Chris is a consultant, and more info is available on his website. [15 March 2010]

Eugene O'Mahoney spoke on Security matters of concern to everyone of us...terrorism, fraud etc. He showed a DVD of a case study in which the general public, staff in an enterprise and others had a chance to report suspicious activities. Pieced together, they helped in identifying a very big threat. He emphasised the importance of reporting anything suspicious in a timely manner. 
[8 Mar 2010] 

At Great Missenden Rotary Club evening on 22 Feb, almost everyone including visitors turned out wearing something 'purple' to mark the 'Rotary Day - Thanks to Rotary - End Polio Now' Campaign. Some of the ladies had purple tights, purple shoes and purple handbags. It was a rather lean evening for the Sergeant-at-arms and the huge collection bucket for fines was not surprisingly light.

A copy of the group photo was later passed on to Rotarian Peter Booth who has been ill for a while. [22 Feb 2010]

Maggie Taylor gave an interesting account of the work done by the Donkey Sanctuary. She has been personally involved with the donkeys...did you know that they live longer than horses, bond for life (like swans but unlike horses). It was founded by Dr Elisabeth Svendson. More info on their website. [22 Feb 2010] [22 Feb 2010]

Rotarian Alan Maizels, a member of Great Missenden Rotary Club, based on his personal research, traced the history and development of various publications of 'Book of Hours'. He and his wife Sandra Maizels have a personal copy produced by Thielman Kerver dated 16 Sep 1499. The book needed to be handled delicately with gloved hands. [15 Feb 2010] 

What is Rotary Day (23 Feb 2010) and what is it all about?

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