President Brian Barnett's Inaugural Speech 


July 2012


Having been invited to join the club almost five years ago by then President John Coates, I never thought that I would be taking over as president in such a short time.


I am not certain whether this is because it is regarded that I have the ability to do such a worthwhile job, or if I was the only member who put my name forward. My instincts tell me it is the latter. As I have repeated on many occasions, I feel that I am jumping into the deep-end taking over as President at a time when I am trying to hand over and merge my business with the minimum of disruption. Plus I am not certain that I am still 100% aware of the full aims/functions of Rotary, particularly on a regional and international level. Therefore, I will be relying very much on the past presidents and fellow Rotarians to guide and put me right on Rotary matters as the year unfolds.

  What I am certain of is that the basis of Rotary is to raise money for good causes. You will be aware that I have been the Fundraising Chairman for approximately two years. That is where I feel at home. Being a businessman I get a kick out of gaining contracts and hopefully at the same time making money and this extends to the Rotary fund raising for charity. This will still be my main focus and where I will be directing my time and energy whist being the Club’s President for the next year. With regards to charities, whilst 1 am president I am hoping that we can look to support more small local charities and less fortunate local families/people. At the same time boasting/blowing our own trumpet a little more as to our achievements in the area. This may help us recruit more local people to our Club. Our membership numbers have worried me for sometime. I think for a small club we do extremely well with our activities to raise money for our Club and in helping out with manpower at other local events. None of us are getting any younger and new blood is urgently required. Therefore in my presidential year I ask all members to help Ed in any way possible to increase our membership.

  Thank you to the members who have agreed to carry on with their duties as treasurer, secretary, sergeant at arms and chairman of the various committees etc.

  I look forward to working with you all over the forthcoming year, and if at any time you see me looking confused or bewildered please be kind and if need be point me in the right direction.



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