Rotary Club of Great Missenden, District 1260

'Dictionary for Life' to Mumbai

Report on Phase 1 project - 29 Nov 2009

Rotary Club members of Bombay who have been actively involved in the project are:
Rtn Alok Sheksariah and Rtn Ramesh Narayan (a Director of the Club).

Appended below:
1. The press article
2. A report on how the books are used, after week 1
3. Acknowledgment of the clubs involved, inside the front cover of the book.


2. Report from Neeta Pradhan on how they used the book during Week 1:

Dear Guru,

As always media misreports and so you will notice some mistakes in the article. Sorry about that.

WE have been using the dictionaries for a week now and have made it an integral part of the curriculum. The children just love them and get so excited.

On Day 1 they were taught how the book has to be used, how the pages need to be turned etc etc. how to take care of this expensive gift that they have recd thanks to the efforts of Guru uncle*.The usage of the dictionary was then explained to them as it is not just a mere tool to find meanings but it gives much more information like the grammatical forms, the root of the word etc etc. We now have little games devised to make this a fun activity.

Every time they are given 5 words....they find the meaning and write it in their note books and read other details. Next the meanings are simplified for them and the equivalent Marathi or Hindi word is provided and then they are made to make a sentence of their own with each word. ....

* It is customary in India to add the word 'uncle' after a male person's name ... a form of respect when addressed by children.


3. Acknowledgment of Clubs involved in the project, with the names printed on the inside front cover of the book.


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