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Projects on 'Dictionary for Life' to Mumbai

Updated as of 17 Dec 09

Many thanks to all the Clubs in District 1260 who contributed to the successful Matching Grant to send about 4,000 copies of Dictionary for Life to S Africa. 

Our appeal to other Clubs or those who wish to contribute more to join in a plan by Great Missenden Rotary Club to send a consignment to Mumbai has been successful. Thanks to all the concerned clubs as well as the District Foundation Committee for their Simplified Grant - we have now reached our target.

It is better to join forces as minimum order for the books is 600 plus the local customs/delivery costs which can amount to another 300 - 400.

The Mumbai project is aimed to help the underprivileged school kids in Government run Municipal Schools. They are being specially trained  to improve their life-skills and career prospects through an initiative of Rotary Club of Bombay. Full details of their overall project together with web links, are appended below.

Our original target has been modified somewhat after discussions with Rtn Alok Sheksariah and Rtn Ramesh Narayan (a Director)  of Rotary Club of Bombay, as follows, subject to funds being available:

Phase 1. At the request of RC of Bombay, we have sent 104 copies straight away as the kids will benefit most from their current school term. Cost 250 plus airfreight, provided at an economical rate by DHL, to Mumbai (~200). Rotary Club of Bombay covered the local costs (customs clearance, delivery etc.) which amounted to approx 175. TOTAL: est: 625.  Click here for a report as to how they used the books during the first week after delivery and a press article. 

Phase 2. Following positive feedback from those concerned in Mumbai, we have now arranged to send 300 copies (= minimum order quantity) with orders placed in Dec 09 and delivery in May 2010. Cost 600 delivered free at Bombay seaport, plus local costs of 350-400. TOTAL est: 950~1,000

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions received so far from the following:

Phase 1    
RC of Hoddesdon Dist 1260 250
RC of Misbourne Matins Dist 1090 200
RC of Bombay Dist 3140 175 [est.]

Total for Phase 1 [Target reached]



Phase 2    
RC of Wendover & District Dist 1260

 50+ 80

Ranfurly Charitable Services  


Rotary Club of Great Missenden 

Dist 1260

Rotary Club of Amwell Dist 1260


District Simplified Grant

Dist 1260

Total to date for Phase 2   1,080

We have reached our target! Thanks to everyone
who supported us, including Rtn Stephen Sypula, Dist International Services Chairman.

Many thanks also to members of RC of Bombay - particulalry
Rtn Alok Sheksariah and Rtn Ramesh Narayan who were very prompt in dealing
with all the issues.


Guru Guruswamy
Great Missenden Rotary Club, Dist 1260
Chairman - International & Foundation
01494 728812

Background to Mumbai project : Our club project started with a friend of Guru Guruswamy, Neeta Pradhan (not a Rotarian) from Bombay, when she asked if there is any way in which we can help. She was engaged in a project to help the underprivileged school children to see if they can give them additional life-skills, boost their morale and self-confidence, knowledge of English and computing skills. This would improve their career opportunities. I found out, to my pleasant surprise, that they were in fact partnering with Rotary Club of Bombay.... which has 350 members!

They have had a programme in one government run municipal school and on 4 Sep this year they have extended it to another school. They have had high powered inauguration of this with Police Commissioner of Bombay as one of the guests. Apparently the students from the first school gave speeches on how they have shed their inhibitions as a result of their training. You can see more details / photographs and history of the project etc at their website.

There may well be opportunities one day for volunteers from this country to help the kids via web camera / skype links.

Main Club website:

[Note: The project is called Bhavishya-yaan, meaning 'A mission for Life']

Article on 4 Sep 09 Inauguration in 2nd school: cid=

The project comes under their Community Service IV - Education and Ethics ... for their earlier stories on this project:


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