Rotary Club of Great Missenden
The GSE Team in England

Farewell Rally to the Argentinean Team,
4 June 2007 at Stevenage [Cromwell Hotel]

[Please note that high resolution pictures are available from The pictures on this page are of low resolution - for faster downloading and viewing]. 


John Hopkins, addressing.


Our team members led by Gavin Plews had just returned from Argentina, and they
were asked to say just two words each...


The Argentinean team getting ready to do their presentation.


Eduardo - the team leader


Eduardo presents a short video of our team when they were in Argentina.


Martin Semino


Duilio Ramirez


Jacqueline Goitia


Sebastian Re


Pamela Berna

Pamela showed a video of a weather forecast she did for a local TV Station


The DG, Charles Chaney (right) with John Hopkins.


Exchanging Banners


Two of our team members Kirsty Crombie-Smith (Left) and Su Bartlett (right) with Jeannette Lee
[Chesham Inner Wheel]


The two team leaders, Gavin Plews (Centre) and Eduardo Molina (right)


Members of both the teams ....


Members of both the teams ....with their team leaders and Gary Eastman.


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