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The GSE Team arrive in Argentina
1 May 2007

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Photos from Eduardo Molina, The Argentinean GSE Team Leader.

& a diary report from Gavin to Jenny

The UK team - look refreshed even after a very long journey!


The two GSE Teams


The two GSE leaders - Gavin Plews (left) and Eduardo Molina.


A diary report from Gavin to Jenny - 1 May 07


Just a quick note to say all is well, and we have arrived, as you will
have seen from Eduardo´s note and photos. There was quite some
welcoming committee at the airport, and we had to pose for lots of
photos. Horacio Centurian, DG 4790 was there, and I have presented him
with the gifts from Charles, and have pictures to prove it! We met the
entire outgoing team, and many others besides, and were then taken to
our respective first hosts. Mine are Oscar and Celia, a delightful
couple with 4 children from 18 to 33 years, some of whom live at home.
I've taken some pictures, but they have a courtyard in the back of the
casa (it´s just natural speaking Spanish now) which is wonderful for
such a day as this, which, I´m told is about 30 degrees.

Flights were all excellent, with occasional turbulence over the
Atlantic, but no real issues, and we had a wonderful day in Buenos
Aires exploring on foot with the guidance of some of Kirsty´s friends,
who are missionaries south of Buenos Aires. We saw the government house
where Eva gave her speeches, and a demonstration celebrating 30 years
since the end of demonstrations about the disappeareds, whose photos
are printed on large plaques in the plaza. Would you believe we went
for a steak last night, and  then an early night for our 4.30 am taxis
to the domestic airport.

My mobile appeared to work in Sao Paolo, but no joy here, and no
reception. I passed a mobile phone shop, but had left my mobile in the
hotel, so have no new sim card this space. Celia has
kindly allowed me to use her hijo´s computer, so I hope this finds you

I´d better go and be sociable again. What happens next?........I know
no more than you at this stage, but it´s going to be fun.

Be good, and pass my note to the kids. Oh, yes, and work a little
harder this month so I can justify my trip!

Love, Gav

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