Rotary Club of Great Missenden
The GSE Team in Argentina
3 May 2007

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"You have sent an excellent Team. They are all very nice. We love them." ....
Photos / report from Eduardo Molina, The Argentinean GSE Team Leader.


02-May:  The team went to an old "Pulperia" (kind of tavern) in Santa Ana, Corrientes. 
We came back at 1 AM


03-May It was a loooong day. They went to a School for Deaf, to a FM Radio, to visit the 
governor of the city,  and other places that I don't know. At night (10 PM) it was the welcome
rally with the Rotary Club Corrientes.
They made their presentation. 
They won the applause of all the people. Excellent !!!


Gavin with the President of Rotary Club Corrientes, Mr. Cesar Zanone. We came back at 1:30 AM


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