Rotary Club of Great Missenden
The GSE Team in Argentina
25 May 2007

Diary report from Kirsty covering 22-25 May. Eating every species under the sun, 
loads of laughter during unintended Cabaret Act at the last presentation, 
vocational experience and awaiting the Liberty Day Celebrations.

e-mail dated 25 May 07 from Kirsty

Just a short one this time, which I know youīll all appreciate! Again no
help with spellings so please forgive me!


Tuesday 22nd May – Formosa

I think we had just arrived last time and I e-mailed you mid-afternoon.
The early evening we had a city tour and looked at the river and boats and
Paraguay which is about 1 mile (I am rubbish at judging distance!) across
the river. We are hoping that possibly we might be able to pop across for a
quick visit if we can find the time.
The evening was one of the more amusing and more bizarre ones. A native
Indian restaurant which specialised in Crocodile meat! Jakaray (?spelling),
Caiman and Alligator being the three that we tried and all loved. It is like
a rich chicken meat. Sheila also had the best veggie food there of the whole
trip and couple of plates of different roasted veggies - normally she only
gets ravioli - so please avoid giving her that for the next couple of
months! The group were very funny so the evening involved a lot of laughter
- also a good thing!

Wednesday 23rd May – Formosa

An early start for Sheila who visited a recycling plant on the edge of town.
It was all hand sorted, collection was by cabinaras (?spelling) with horse
and cart and then they would get paid for what they collected. They recycled
everything even bottle tops, all was bagged or bound up and sent on to other
plants for recycling. But very labour intensive.
A fairly late start 11am for the rest us, with a meeting with the Intendente
(Mayor) to discuss Formosa. A fairly forward thinking Mayor who wanted us to
write to him and give our impressions of the city and how it could be
improved. Then lunch with our hosts (I accidentally invited myself to dinner
with a group - miscommunication!) and then a free afternoon in which Liz, Su
and I went for a walk around the city and Liz and Su introduced me to
cubanitoes - a wafer filled with Dulce de Leche [?Condensed milk?] and dipped
in coconut.

I should perhaps just warn you that all we have been doing over here is eating
so if any of us (me in particular) is slightly more cuddly than when you
last saw us - no comments please!
The evening was our last presentation of the trip and to say we went down a
storm would be an understatement - I think a Cabaret Act would be the more
appropriate phrase. It started well but then the lectern that we were
presenting on was quite tall so when Sheila first stood on it she had to
stand on tip-toes which started the first round of laughter. Then came the
two clumsy people of the group.. Myself and Liz. I should point out that
no-one told us the lectern had wheels so when I stood on it and when
scooting forward a short distance we were all slightly surprised. The more
amusing was when Liz got on it and nearly shot into the audience that the
presentation nearly collapsed - we were all laughing so much that we had to
pause for 5 minutes before we could start. (I am laughing even now as I
write it). The fact that it kept moving during Lizīs talk did not help
matters - but as Liz is ever the professional she kept it together to give
her talk - despite the rest of us laughing helplessly throughout!!

Thursday 24th May - Formosa - vocational day

I accompanied Liz to another two abattoirs - cow and fish. I did not go into
this one, this time and was pleased as when Liz came out she rated it 8/10
for horrendousness! The fish one was better but we didnīt see any fish, the
Paku fish is the local river fish and a major industry here. Su and Gavin
went to visit a hospital that works with Addicts and met a very funny
doctor. Sheila went to visit the Vice-Governor of the Province or city I am
not sure which. Each Province has a council and each city has a council but
as we are staying in the city of Formosa in the Province of Formosa it is
sometimes difficult to work out which one is which. She discussed with him
the possibility of recycling more within the community.
Lunch was with our hosts and then we had more visits in the afternoon to a
deaf school with an oral policy of education, they really enjoyed us being
there and we managed to get rid of loads of our cards - which as we had 4000
was really good!
We then went on to be shown a load Indian settlement which the Rotary club
was supporting. I found this very difficult as did the others, there is
massive segregation here between - European descendants and the native South
American Population. It is one of the most difficult things about being here
- the divide between rich and poor.
The last event of the day was a trip to visit a blind school but
unfortunately they had all left as we arrived late - Argentinean time!! The
evening was spent with our hosts. I made chippas with mine and had a really
chilled and relaxed evening, I havenīt seen the others yet - so donīt know
what they got up to.

Friday 25th May - Formosa - Liberty Day

A day of big parties and Fiestas here in Argentina as it is Liberty day -
Independance day is 9th June.
So I am waiting to be collected to see the celebrations!

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