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The GSE Team in Argentina
16 May 2007

Diary reports from Kirsty (days 9 to 15) and Gavin (16 May 07)

e-mail dated 15 May 07 from Kirsty

Day 9/10 - Curcazu Cuatia
 We ended the Wednesday afternoon with a trip to a recycling plant - Which  Sheila loved! It was a big plant built with Rotary help and we spend  several hours there looking at it all. Sheila then stayed on for more  talking while the rest of us went and found tea and cakes in town. She  eventually returned about 7pm! We gave a presentation that evening to the  rotary there and had our first taste of Tongue!

We left on the Thursday morning and drove to Goya. Goya is on the river  Parana, south of Corrientes. It has about 80,000 people. We meet the  Rotarians for lunch and had our first change of diet - FISH!! Surabi a  river fish very tasty. The afternoon was siesta for most people but I went  and taught English with my host "Would you like a chicken sandwich?". Then  we met up with the Mayor and chatted with him. More photos and reporters! The early evening contained an exciting vocational event for Su with a  meeting with a group who work with addicts and their families. She had a  good chat with them and found out lots of information. The evening was our presentation, it went well.

Day 11 - Goya.
 We went to a Deaf school and took assembly! I loved it. Everyone  introduced themselves in sign and they children sang/signed two songs for  us, the national anthem and another one. Really interesting and all  enjoyed it.


Lunch was followed by a stroll along the river or siesta. Then a city tour  with a funny guide and lots of local stories. Dinner again was a selection  of offal!! Lizs top 5 are now... 1)Thymus, 2) Tongue, 3)kidney, 4)udder,  5) Intestines. I was not so brave and only tried udder and kidney. We also impressed them with our country/Scottish Dancing which Liz and I  performed with gusto!

 Day 12 - Goya
 A fab day on a ranch. Beautiful weather, again lots and lots of food,  these guys never stop eating! We saw ostriches and rounded up cows whilst on horseback with Gauchos...  well perhaps they rounded up the cows and we sat on the horses and walked  to the gate and back! The evening was free so we met up with some members of Rotaract and went  to the Casino! Where we lost thousands of pounds, no actually we ate some  food and listened to the band! Made it to 3am!!

 Day 13 - Goya
 Down the river, 14 men(& women) and a boat. Over to the Isle de Damas  (Ladies of the night island!). Saw wildlife and a man fishing with no  trousers! Then off to another country house for more food. This time offal  soup, but lots of fab cake too. A quiet evening for most people but wild crazy dancing for Liz, Su and I  along with my host. Fortunately in the privacy of her house, I am not sure  the people of Goya are quite ready for us!


 Day 14 - Goya -- Chaco (Resistencia)
 A bus journey back to Corrientes where we were met by Rotarians and driven  over the river to Chaco - the next province.

Lunch again fish - very welcome was followed by bliss oh bliss - siesta  and shopping. Lots of weird and wonderful things.

Dinner was again really relaxed with a rotarian couple and some more fish.  Followed by a Scottish Ice cream bombom - Dulce de Leche centre,  surrounded by vanilla ice cream and covered in chocolate - a bit like a  Scottish person! Sweet in the middle, cold on the outside and covered in  chocolate, oh how we laughed!


 Day 15 - Resistencia (half-way through)
 The morning was spent in a Biodiesel machinery factory finding out how  they make biodiesel here. Very interesting, but also lots of cute puppies! Lunch was BBQed goat, we have now completed all major meat groups eaten  here! This afternoon was siesta and shopping and e-mailing all of you!


e-mail dated 16 May 07 from Gavin:

We had an excellent visit this morning to the vice governor of Chaco province, who was extremely helpful, and very interested in my work with the CAB and wants details of the organisation. As soon as he heard what we wanted he picked up his phone and started calling people within the municipal authority (i.e., district council, rather than the county council he works for) It looks as though well get some good contacts out of this on Friday.

Conference starts on Friday evening for us, although there are seminars during the day for select groups. Ill be thinking of you all then.

Just time to write to Jenny now. Incidentally, were in Resistencia now if anyone is following our progress on a map.

Best wishes, Gavin



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