Rotary Club of Great Missenden
The GSE Team in Argentina
13 May 2007

A sort of diary report from our man in Argentina, Gavin Plews

[This is in response to Guru's e-mail to Gavin....At the Welcome Rally in England, Eduardo showed everyone some video clip and photos taken during your first few days in Argentina. It was a nice touch...]

Many thanks Guru, It makes fascinating reading.........wish I was there. Oh! I am.

Last night's meal at a restaurant turned into quite a do when the band realised we were English, and the crooner really gave it what for, and all directed towards us. I even danced with my host........and itīs not every day that happens, I can tell you. (Mind you, she did have to ask canīt get gentlemen these days, not real ones)

Todayīs been tough. My host Amalia drove me out to her estancia about an hourīs drive from here in the country (campo) where 2 of her sons run the farm of 1200 cattle on 1600 hectares (which, Iīm told is very small for this part of the world). There were about the usual 25 of us, and they barbecued (asado = bbq) a lamb, plus about a tonne of other meat. So we got stuck in to the food, in the shade of a massive flower covered terrace, gazing out over a sun drenched landscape, with parrots chattering in the eucalyptus trees, and humming birds taking nectar from the covering flowers. We stuck with it for about 6 hours until all (well, some) of the food was eaten, taking the occasional break to talk to the ostriches, and the girls persuading the local horsemen to let them have a go (even Sheila, who had never been on a horse until we came across a lonely gauch about a week ago, and she persuaded him to get off, and let her on, swinging her lasoo freely (and mostly in the horseīs eyes)

Anyway, you can imagine how exhausted we were at the end of the day. They told me it was going to be tough, but I didnīt listen!

Best wishes to you all, and keep up the good work Guru.

Incidentally, please tell Josefina that weīve given our presentation 4 times now, and they are either too polite to say they didnīt understand it, or it was ok.

Incidentally, at our first presentation, about which we were a little nervous (especially as one of the team arrived an hour late, having been taken to the wrong venue. She had the laptop as well, so for about an hour I didnīt know whether we could do the show) Anyway, I was asked to come on to the stage and introduce the team.......we werenīt expecting this, as we introduce ourselves in the presentation. So I called the team up and was then told that the man next to me was going to interpret for us. Well, Iīm delighted to say that he had nothing to do, as we introduced ourselves, and later on gave a faultless(well almost) presentation.

By for now. Gavin

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