District 1260 Conference in Eastbourne
March 2009

1260 works to Make Dreams Real

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[Please note that high resolution pictures are available from b.a.guruswamy@btinternet.com. The pictures on this page are of low resolution - for faster downloading and viewing]. 

Some snapshots of the District Conference through the eyes of the Registrar ...

20. A richly colourful backdrop on the stage, with Make Dreams Real logo.... during
a presentation by John Versey, Chairman of Dist. International Committee.


21. A lively demonstration by Canine Partners ... with dogs on the stage
showing how they help disabled people ... helping with the washing,
taking wallets out in the supermarket etc.


22 and 23. Jo Gambi, signing her book 'Holding On', after giving
an inspirational and motivational talk about how she and her husband
 made dreams real against all odds to climb Mount Everest.


24. The GSEs during the Foundation session on Saturday after-noon.
PDG John Hopkins in the centre, flanked on the left by
our team to Indiana and on the right by the incoming team.
 They did a novel Question and Answer style session for part of the time.


25. Kristina Stanek, Rotary Scholar from Germany, thrilled the audience
with her rendering of a piece from one of Puccini's Operas. It was
 a wonderful surprise experience for the delegates.


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[Click here for part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4]