District 1260 Conference in Eastbourne
March 2009

1260 works to Make Dreams Real

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[Please note that high resolution pictures are available from b.a.guruswamy@btinternet.com. The pictures on this page are of low resolution - for faster downloading and viewing]. 

Thanks to all of you who came to the Conference and made it so successful. Even the weather was in our favour. 

As our AG Debbie Hodge in her 'Pause for Thought' reminded us... we can all learn a lesson from the Geese...how they fly in a V-formation so that the slip stream helps in reduced effort for others. TEAM stands for Together Each Achieves More. 

IPDG Brian Doggrell and PDG Mike Gardner and his team made sure it was a pleasurable and wonderful experience with a variety of programme and opportunities for fun and fellowship.

It is not easy to summarise what happened there ... but here are some snapshots of the Conference through the eyes of the Registrar ... some of them taken behind the scenes.

For more pictures or better still to experience it, why don't you book in your diary the dates for the next Conference, 21-23 May 2010. You are all invited to Bath with Sandy.

1. The Congress Theatre, the venue for the formal presentations and
House of Friendship. 

2. The Winter Garden, the venue for fun and fellowship - lunches,
Friday evening Casino and Gentle Jazz.  and Saturday night dinner & dance.

3. IPDG Brian Doggrell who kindly stepped into the
DG's role to make Les Lee's dreams real.

4. The three Brians on the Conference Committee ...
L to R: Brian Doggrell, Brian Franklin [Sergeant-at-arms] and
Brian Gregory [Treasurer]. There is a reflection of the Grand Hotel.

5. Rtn Alan Maizels, the Conference Committee secretary, with the
Conference Registration Packs - all set to be delivered
 to 18 hotels around Eastbourne in two taxis.

6. It was getting too hot by the information desk on the first floor foyer
of The Congress Theatre - for the Conference Registrar
[Rtn Guru Guruswamy] and the Conference Secretary [Rtn Alan Maizels].

7. The GSE team from Indiana arrive at the Congress Theatre
and pose for the official Photographer

8. At Fri evening reception with the President of RIBI ... 
L to R: Rtn Alan Maizels, Josefina Guruswamy, Rtn Debbie Harvey
[Conference Committee Hotel co-ordinator], RIBI President Ian Thomson
and Sandra Maizels [Wendover Provisional].

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