President Rtn. George Rivas 2014 - 2015



Attending the excellent Rotary District Conference in May, we were reminded that Rotary is the biggest Charity in the world!!  Wow!!  This means we can and do achieve great things worldwide and also locally.

We were reminded that Rotary, in collaboration with the World Health Organisation together with matching grants from the Bill Gates Foundation  have all  but eliminated Poliomyelitis around the world,  with the exception, for political reasons, of the area around Pakistan.  The week before our conference in Stratford Upon Avon, India had been proclaimed Polio free. In the Misbourne School there is a profuse display of mauve crocuses each spring which we planted as a reminder of the Polio Campaign.

We are concerned Great Missenden Rotary Club is not obvious to local people. Where else do you see evidence of the Great Missenden Rotary Club locally?  How about all the daffodils each spring on all the approach roads to the village.

Does anyone know this was courtesy of Rotary in Great Missenden?  Then at  Christmas our Rotary Float, with Father Christmas eagerly awaited by a large number of local families.  Most of the Schools in the area participate in the annual Rotary Shoe Box appeal, sending thousands of presents to extremely deprived families and street children in Eastern Europe.  Photos of happy  faces make it all very worthwhile.

We give logistical help with the Annual 10k  Race in Prestwood, raising funds for the Halton MS Centre.  We also raise funds  through a small number of special events.  Space does not allow me to mention all the grants we  make to help students raise funds for special projects. We frequently donate to other worthy causes. The David Mitchell Award is presented to a local  individual for outstanding work in the area.

We can only achieve this by having a happy team of members.  If you are a member reading this, then let me shake your hand to thank you for a job well done. Did it take up a great deal of your time?  No, because as you know, every event is well spaced out and planned in advance.  Have you enjoyed Rotary? The answer from all of you, will undoubtedly be a resounding Yes!!!  We certainly enjoy eating a friendly meal, followed by a speaker, most Mondays.

Remember, the meal is not compulsory, nor is attendance every Monday as it used to be. As your President for this year, I look forward to a great year, welcoming as members your friends, neighbours, local business or professional persons, and Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all!

Have a great Rotary Year,

President George2





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