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Ride starts on 20 July 04...
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Lands End to John O'Groats Sponsored Cycle Ride, for NSPCC, July - Aug 2004



Welcome to this special section of the Rotary Club of Great Missenden website. It covers the challenge to raise 10,000 in sponsorship in Rotary's Centenary Year.

Via this website, you should be able to track the progress - the achievements, anecdotes, trials and tribulations etc of the cyclists on a daily basis. It also includes some background material on the cyclists and the back-up team that supports them.

The team have already put in about 2,500 miles of training to cover the 1,000 mile journey. They aim to cover 50 to 80 miles per day.

You can send comments or pose questions to the team via this site, and we will try and get answers for you in the Q & A section.

Rotary Club of Great Missenden's chosen charity for this challenge is NSPCC. Click on the NSPCC  logo below if you wish to know more about the charity.:

Why not consider sponsoring our cyclists if you have not already done so? Click here for details for sending your donation.

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[High resolution photos are available - especially for those with broad band internet access. For others, it may take longer to download. Please click on the appropriate button next to the photo]        

The team at Lands End "with the bikes"  L to R: Jim Grufferty, Eric Nauta, Simon Plews, Kathy Hunter, John Shipley, Gavin Plews and Derek Lewton.
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The team at Lands End "without the bikes"  L to R: Erik Nauta, Alan Jones (support team), Jim Grufferty, Kathy Hunter, Gavin Plews, John Shipley, Derek Lewton, Simon Plews.
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Part of the team prior to a briefing at Missenden Rotary Club: From L to R: Alan Maizels, Past President, Gavin Plews, Simon Plews John Shipley and Derek Lewton.



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Finishing leg: 5 Aug 04,  Flight no. BD693 from Inverness departs @ 13.25 and arrives @ Heathrow Terminal 1 @ 15.00.